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Priscilla News - September 4th 2019

Leaving Lake Wuruma we drove through Mt Perry to Gin Gin, then onto “The Summit” outside the town of 1770. I found this new site on Wikicamps. The manager told us, ‘Keep going straight and up the hill to the top……’ Lovely Fathers Day with the Gladstone Gang Poor Priscilla staggered up the very steep, dirt incline until we came to a small, flat area beside the ‘Dog House’. There was just room for 3 caravans on this knob. But then….once we had set up… a surfie Adonis appeared from the Summit with beer in hand to greet us. Chris, the owner of this idyllic 40 acres is not only a paddle boarder and surfer, but holds the record for the most dogs on a paddle board! He is a Dog Whisperer who trains

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