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Positive Things That Influence Your Life and Health

With so much gloom and doom reverberating around the world and through the media, we need to look at the positive influences we can be grateful for.

The weather if we are lucky enough to live in sunny Queensland! Sunshine is vitality and happiness to me. I love to walk with our dogs in the morning on a clear sunny day with a pristine blue sky and birdsong negating any necessity to have earphones. As I write this I have several rosellas having a lovely time in a grevillea outside my door.

(Mind you, I’m not as keen when the temperature rises to high thirties!)

Having the privilege of owning two little dogs, a Toy Poodle and a Cavoodle. Jazz and Molly give us endless pleasure and amusement. They adore to run in the off-lead park, chasing each other at full pace. Thankfully they are happy to sleep after this exercise, but their total devotion and constant happiness is infectious. My husband made the comment that we would have little to talk about after fifty-three years of marriage if we didn’t have the dogs! So true!

Family. We are extremely blessed to have enjoyed a wonderful childhood, something many people have not experienced. My husband and I have very close relationships with our siblings and extended families.

Our family gatherings are very noisy and lots of fun.

Our two sons and their families are a joy to us. Two lovely daughters-in-law who have filled the void of not having a daughter myself, six perfect grandchildren who range from the ages of twenty-two to ten.

Our two sons are dedicated to their families and businesses, providing opportunities for their children to follow their chosen paths in life. We are very proud of them and their families

Friends. Having reached the latter stage of life, the true friends remain. Some have dropped off along the way, and some have been replaced with new ones, however, our friendships are precious and necessary as we can support and help each other through difficult times.

Hobbies. I seem to have more hobbies than time! Learning Italian has been a joy for me for twenty years and has provided a special group of friends. Learning the language has helped enormously when living and visiting Italy in past years. It is good for the brain, I’m sure, but the fun time we have together every Friday from ten in the morning until mid-afternoon, which of course includes lunch and vino, with some Italian conversation in between, is a highlight of my week.

Writing. I have published two non-fiction books;

‘Back of Beyond’

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

I’m currently enjoying writing a non-fiction novel, but time constraints have made this a slow-moving project, sadly.

Knitting. I love to knit squares at night whilst watching TV. I make the squares into a rug to give to the homeless. It’s very relaxing.

Sewing. I love to embroider grub roses on hand towels for gifts. I have done a lot of heirloom sewing, including making a christening gown, but alas my eyesight doesn’t allow this anymore, so grub roses it is.

Gardening is my favourite hobby. I could happily spend all day (in nice weather) gardening. I love to grow herbs and vegetables, but also pretty flowers in pots. I have copious amounts of citrus from our trees and share the fruit with friends and neighbours. (I wish it would rain!!)

Last and not least is a happy marriage. Rick and I have been married for fifty-three years and I’m very lucky to have a supportive and loving husband who cares for me. He has become romantic after the early years and I’m the lucky recipient of beautiful bunches of lilies on frequent occasions. ‘Just because’. He is my rock.

I feel sad that the media and social media seem to do their best to make our world a miserable place. I refuse to allow them to take away my pride in being an Australian who believes she lives in the best place in the world. One only must travel abroad to appreciate this fact.

I am blessed, but it is because I choose to be positive and happy and not listen to the gloom and doom.

I wish you all a happy and sunny day!

Until next time

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’ Facebook


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