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Living with Hope

Hope ….’ A thing, situation or event that is desired’  (The Collins Australian Pocket Dictionary).

 Hope is intangible, unable to be touched but certainly able to be felt.

I seldom purchase a Lotto ticket, but on the rare occasion when I hold one in my hand I’m convinced I will win the money. I have an amazing list in my mind, of the people I will help and the organisations I’ll support with my winnings.

Family members.

Friends in need.

The homeless.

Food banks.

Dozens more ‘Smith Family’ children.

Animal refuges.

Safe houses for children and women.

Education scholarships for indigenous children, any underprivileged children.

And the list goes on…………


Living with Hope
Living with Hope

I notice there are no mansions or flash cars on my list. Being in my twilight years, I find materialistic possessions are not important. Disclaimer, I would love a small apartment at Emerald Lakes!

I always hold hope in that paper ticket and it’s fun to dream.

By the way, I haven’t had a win yet, but …….one day!

In this crazy world we need to hold out hope that we may live in peace and sanity will prevail. I believe from bad things; good things can arise.

I would not be living on the Gold Coast but for a devastating event in our lives. It was never on my radar to live here, but it has been the most positive move. I love residing on the Gold Coast, close to our younger son and his family. It was meant to be, although I would have preferred that we had moved under different circumstances! 

Having recently attended a dawn service on Anzac Day, I was reminded that our brave young men and women fought for our country with hope in their hearts that this war would end, and peace would prevail. They all fought with hope as their families waited hopefully for their return.


However, ‘hope’ can be rather nebulous; difficult to describe, rather vague. A hope can be more like a wish that may or may not come to fruition.

Living with Hope
Living with Hope

Whichever way we look at it, hope is a significant objective to hold onto, whether it be a wish or a want. It’s important to have a goal, a dream or vision for the future to be able to maintain a positive attitude in our daily lives.


On that note, I hope, wish, desire, dream that I may complete my fiction book by the end of the year, and win Lotto!

It is my hope that you all may find peace, good health and happiness.

Until next time



Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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