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Where is Home?

Home has many meanings.

1.     A place where one lives.

This is the most common identity for a home. It can be a house, castle, shack or boat, but it is where one resides.

2.     The place of an invention. eg. The home of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

3.     A place of care. eg. a Nursing Home

4.     A home ground for sport.

5.     A home run in sport.

And I’m sure you can think of many more definitions.


Where is home for you?

I identify my home as where I live at the moment. I have had many different homes and addresses with a varied type of dwelling from a shed, a hand built house, to a grand Lodge, a cottage,  an energy efficient house designed by us, to a beautiful apartment in Toowoomba, then an apartment in a Highrise on the Gold Coast, to a villa, then a beautiful house and garden, onto a caravan for travelling and finally, an apartment underneath our son’s house.

Where Is Home?
Where Is Home?
Where Is Home?
Where Is Home?
Where Is Home?

All of the above I have loved, creating a beautiful garden and nest for our family and finally the two of us.

Home to me can be a palace or a shed, it’s where my husband and my possessions are.


Home for some people it is where they were born which may be another country. I can imagine there is always a poignant loyalty to that place of birth. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to move away and attempt to form a new allegiance to a new country. I have many friends who have done so and accepted their new life. I admire them enormously.


Where is home for you?

I would be interested to know.

As I write this, we are looking for a new home. I wonder where it will be?

Until next time


Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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