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BACK OF BEYOND with Millie - January 2019

We are in residence in our caravan, parked in Anthony & Shelley's driveway in Gladstone. No fixed address. A whole new adventure awaits. We are on a learning curve and grateful to have Anthony & Shelley's much needed advice and guidance as we traverse the intricate world of being a gypsy! Our initial Bush Camp at the lovely Boyne Valley on New Years Eve with the family, went well. We managed to find a perfect site in the crowded camp, for both vans by the water. As we celebrated Shelley's birthday and the new year with French champagne.......nothing but the best for these campers, Millie roamed.....her Schnauzer nose was in heaven as she vacuumed any morsels she could find. She has not lear

Off For A Break

Who would have thought that I could be fascinated by shopping in BCF, Camping shops & Super Auto Cheap?? Well, this has happened. I, who love to shop in markets for exotic Kaftans, and shoes...more shoes with bling, antique and second hand shops, could find multiple aisles of fascinating cooking equipment, insect repellants, folding kettles, annex matting and toilet disinfectant tablets, could be so interesting (and expensive!). As I wandered through the huge stores, following experienced campers and noting what they spoke about and selected, I lost Rick in Aisle 1!!!! He spent ages inspecting the different flooring for the annex before finally selecting one, then failed to find the tent p

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