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BACK OF BEYOND with Millie - January 2019

Back of Beyond Jenny Old

We are in residence in our caravan, parked in Anthony & Shelley's driveway in Gladstone. No fixed address. A whole new adventure awaits. We are on a learning curve and grateful to have Anthony & Shelley's much needed advice and guidance as we traverse the intricate world of being a gypsy! Our initial Bush Camp at the lovely Boyne Valley on New Years Eve with the family, went well. We managed to find a perfect site in the crowded camp, for both vans by the water.

As we celebrated Shelley's birthday and the new year with French champagne.......nothing but the best for these campers, Millie roamed.....her Schnauzer nose was in heaven as she vacuumed any morsels she could find. She has not learned that she has boundaries and there is dog etiquette to be observed! Returning to our driveway position we have tried the automatic washing machine, which works beautifully. Rick decided we would have the awning down and have a practice run at winding it up again. This didn't go according to plan. Firstly, it was blowing a gale which created dramatic flapping and a real concern that it was going to be shredded any moment.

Back of Beyond Jenny Old

Rick departed to the shed to avoid the demise of the awning, leaving me to watch and listen to the death throws of this essential piece of equipment. When not became too much for Shelley, she had one final attempt to close the flapping monster, and up it went. "What did you do?" I asked. "No idea," was her reply. Following a lesson from Anthony, we now have this sorted......we hope. We haven't tried again. If you see a van travelling along the Bruce Highway with it's awning hanging know who it will be! This morning I used the tiny automatic washing machine, which worked beautifully, but drained the water tank!. This will be wonderful when we are attached to town water and power. I shall finish today, until the next instalment of our adventures. PS I LOVE my ensuite and separate toilet!! Something to do with my birthdate!!

There is no doubt that the Author is the best person to sell their book. This was an amazing journey, meeting different and delightful people, including many writers along the way.

Until our next promotional journey!! Happy writing and promoting!!

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