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Fiction Or Non-Fiction?

Fiction Or Non-Fiction?
Fiction Or Non-Fiction?

I am privileged to have two non-fiction books published. I spent several years writing my first, ‘Back of Beyond’. I believe I did not have the confidence that my story would be of interest to a greater audience outside my family and friends, but it was a personal story I wanted to share and to leave a legacy to my family especially. I was an erratic writer, never prioritising the time to write, feeling it was an indulgence. Thoughts ran through my mind at a great pace; ‘Should I be cleaning the house? Should I be preparing food? Should I be phoning a friend?’ and on and on it went. I never felt my writing was important.

However, meeting a friend who had written multiple stories and plays, along with having a successful acting career changed my attitude. He mentored me and encouraged me to continue. I was also lucky to have a very supportive husband.

My book was independently published with the support of Ocean Reeve and it was hugely successful, selling in excess of 2000 copies in twelve months. I was excited. Then I was offered a contract with Allen&Unwin to re-publish my book under a different name. It has been a great success.

My second independently published non-fiction book, ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ with Ocean Reeve Publishing was completed in a shorter period as we were travelling in a caravan and my supportive husband was happy for me to indulge in my writing.

Both books were a record of special times in my life, but there will be no more non-fiction stories from me.


Fiction Or Non-Fiction?
Fiction Or Non-Fiction?

Currently I am immersed in a tale of fiction. The difference in the creativity of a work of fantasy, imagination and invention offers an enormous feeling of freedom. With non-fiction there is a responsibility to have the correct facts and I found I was constantly checking dates and figures and timelines for an accurate and honest account of events, times, places, and people.

Writing my imaginary tale is never dull, but totally enjoyable and rewarding. I find it to be creative and entertaining because I have no idea where this story is going! I have not decided on the ending or the name, but the narrative continues to weave its way through my mind, especially when I should be sleeping. I long to sit down and continue, allowing my imagination to flow.

I love the protagonist and the different characters, helping them through difficult times, sharing their good times. It is total fantasy, but it is fun!


Do you enjoy reading Non-fiction or fiction?

I prefer biographies and non-fiction myself.

However, I hope you may enjoy my crazy romance when it is finally complete.

Watch this space.

Until next time



Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’ Facebook


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