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Did you, or do you collect things?

Thinking back to my childhood, I remember collecting silver paper with a friend. By silver paper I mean coloured paper from Easter Eggs, lollies, or other decorative pieces. I would painstakingly scrape the crinkled piece with my fingernail until it was perfectly flat, then I placed it between the pages of a large book.

My childhood friend, Annette, and I would spend time perusing each other’s collection, and on the rare occasion we had a double up, we would swap pieces.

This collection was great fun, and I loved the pretty designs of the paper, and the amazing variety of artistic colours and patterns. Thankfully every Easter there was a new set of samples to be lovingly flattened and tucked away in my books for preservation.

I am unaware of anyone else having a collection of this kind. If so, I would be interested to know.


As a young primary school student, the swap cards were a rage, and I was a keen participant. It was a great part of recess and lunch break to gather our cards and swap with other students to create a larger collection.  I was never a star with my

cards, but maintained a solid collection and enjoyed the time it lasted.


Shells. Who can resist picking up pretty shells on the beach? I love them, but I’m not sure where my collection has gone!



I have always loved to collect rocks. In later years they were large rocks for the garden, but all through my life I have loved small rocks. It is amazing the different shapes, colour, and size of small rocks, but to me it is more where they came from. They were a great reminder of a holiday, or even a local walk. I still find I keep my eyes open for a rock to take home.

I have a special heart shaped rock our son gave me when he was very young. It is very special to me.

I even have a small, white rock I brought home with me from a wonderful time in Italy, living in a village for two months. This is what I mean by a small, insignificant rock reminding me of a happy time. Who would have thought!


Books….books and more books. I have used books for a room decoration. A complete wall of books gives me great pleasure but over the years as we downsize, the bookshelves and the space have disappeared. My husband has made a beautiful street library at the front of our house. I still collect books, but once we have finished reading it we place it in the library. It gives us great satisfaction to know our books are being enjoyed and circulated among our neighbours


My latest collection since downsizing is miniature jugs!


I have aways loved fine bone china but living in a granny flat means the two fine bone china dinner sets have gone, along with many other specimens. My small china cabinet remains, filled with small treasures, including my rocks!. I adore jugs and to me, heaven is searching through Op. shops, or antique places to find a treasure. During our adventures in ‘Priscilla’ the caravan, I discovered many antique shops filled with treasures, especially small jugs. I have accumulated a pretty collection. Every little jug holds a memory. My husband has been on high alert and has been known to return from a visit with a jug for me.


Collections are interesting. I would love to hear about yours.


Happy days and keep collecting memories!



Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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