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Old Age Is Not For Sissies!

What exactly is ‘Old Age’? I remember my grandparents being ‘old’, but they were probably ten years younger than I am at present!

People constantly say that old age is a state of your mind. Well, I can discount that theory now that I have reached that mature stage in life, even though I do NOT feel old, it is reality.

Suddenly, it seems, it is difficult to stand on one leg to put one’s leg through that pesky leg hole in your undies or jeans. One needs to sit down or lean against the door for support to complete this simple task of dressing.

My dear husband has a new hip, a knee and about to have a second knee replacement. Being a bionic man sets the airport security off every time and he is always asked to remove his shoes. This used to be a simple task but even his pleading with the security man, his wailing falls on deaf ears. Having to remove his shoes, along with belt, wallet, computer, glasses, phone etc into the bucket, pass through the screen again, then retrieve his possessions and THEN for him to find a chair to put his shoes on again could cause us to miss our plane if we didn’t allow an inordinate amount of time to cater for such delays.

Grandchildren have no concept of our incapability’s, understandably, however, when we lie on the floor to play a game or look for a treasure under a chair, they look in amazement as we roll over and struggle onto all fours to crawl up the leg of a chair to become upright again.

Our youngest grandson announced recently that he wanted to be like us, the old ones, as we don’t have to go to school, and we never work!!

I like that!!! He also told me that when I die I’ll be re-united with my favourite little dog who passed away and all my family and friends who have gone the same way!

Rick and I watched the same grandson playing football recently. We lowered ourselves onto the grassed bank in front of a couple of ‘old’ people who were sitting comfortable on their folding chairs. They knew something. At the end of the match Rick rolled over onto all fours and became upright. Then I heard the clever lady with the folding chairs saying loudly, ‘Well your turn grandma, show us how you do it.’

I did my gracious roll and with the help of my husband, I was upright. She clapped and said, ‘Well done.’ I felt stupid and vowed to take folding chairs next time and retain my dignity.

I have experienced being invisible. My response is to wear bright colours, they cannot walk past an old lady wearing purple.

I thought I could put toothpaste on the brush last night without my glasses, it ended up on my index finger!

What about having to get out of the shower to put on glasses to read whether that bottle is shampoo or conditioner?

My friends are understanding when I’m unable to recall their name, and I return the favour.

I also know where every clean toilet exists and the quickest route to it.

old age is not for sissies
old age is not for sissies

I always park in the same carpark in large shopping centres so I can find my car. My grandchildren laugh when I park in D row in David Jones carpark at Robina shopping centre as there is a clean toilet on the way to the shops.

My dentist knows it is his job to keep my own teeth in my head as fillings from yesteryear keep falling out! Apparently my jaw is shrinking because I’m not chomping on T-bone steaks anymore. He doesn’t realise that Super Butcher is around the corner, and I do chomp on a good steak often. (Maybe not a T-bone!)

My husband’s two most used words; ‘Pardon darling?’ I obviously mumble………

The main thing is to maintain a sense of humour and laugh at ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we have a melt down with our computer or the utter frustration when we’re being re-directed to do everything online, we must laugh, (after we swear!!)

I am grateful and I embrace what I’m able to do and try not to be despondent about what I cannot do. It is a time to reflect and enjoy. The hard work is done. Every day is a bonus and birthdays need to be celebrated. I am grateful.

Old age is a privilege many do not achieve.

Wishing you all good health and happiness.

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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