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Little Things That Irritate

In 1986 I completed a Dale Carnegie Course in Toowoomba and one of the sessions that caused a great deal of amusement was titled; ‘Things That Cause You Anger and/or Irritation.’

We had a week to think about it. With thirty-eight participants in the group, we had an hilarious time as we were asked to act out our biggest thing that caused such a response. Mine was the kinking hose.

Please don’t think me a grumpy old lady, but I’m going to make a list, for your amusement, of things that irritate me. (leaving out the anger part!)

In no particular order, here I go;

A garden hose that kinks just when you are at the far end of the garden.

Motorists who fail to use their blinker.

Completing a weekly shop, only to find it is all self-serve. (Mind you, I refuse to use a self-serve. I stand and wait at a counter until someone finally comes, by that time, I have several other older people waiting with me.) I’m sorry, but I want the school students to have a job.

Drivers who tail gate. I know I’m a little old grey-haired granny, but I do drive to the speed limit, and I resent someone sitting on my backside, often with a ‘P’ on the car.

Trying to find my phone in the depths of a spacious handbag as it rings, only to have the person hang up and not leave a message, just as you’ve got to it.

Grandchildren who sniff loudly and won’t blow their nose!

Folding fitted sheets!

Having to repeat everything, then be asked not to shout!

Deciding to make a cake and find there is one ingredient missing.

A mosquito in the bedroom at night.

Flies. I hate flies.

Discovering there is no Information Centre at large international airports. Being asked to go online. (Actually, this one should go on the ANGER list!)

Anything online. Being told to make appointments online for everything. I hate ONLINE

Constantly barking dogs.

A bush turkey who is determined to destroy my garden.

Not being able to open jars.

Losing at Gin Rummy with my husband.

Finding that a new pair of shoes is uncomfortable.

Scammer phone calls


Purchasing a new book with great anticipation, only to discover I have read it before.

Long waits at doctor surgeries. (Thankfully I have not needed to visit the doctor often.)

Being told ‘Your call is important to us, someone will be with you shortly,’ only to hang on for two hours, then they answer, just as I have bitten into an apple.

Empty toilet roll.

Forgetting a name, or event that is well known to me and remembering in the wee hours of the night.

Lying awake for hours while my husband sleeps on.

Having to think ‘What’s for dinner’ EVERY day of my life!

Well, that is some of the things that irritate me, but please be assured, I’m quite a sunny natured soul and don’t spend my day looking for irritants. Instead, I choose to enjoy my day.

Today, my garden is full of spring flowers and perfume. The birds are singing, and the bees are buzzing. The weather is glorious, and I don’t think I’ve felt irritated once.

I hope your week is irritant-free and I have given you some amusement for the day. All the above are first world irritants and hardly a blip in my happy life!

I would love to hear any you can add to my list.

Happy days. Keep smiling.

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’ Facebook


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