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Priscilla News - September 10th 2019

It has been an eventful week, but Priscilla is behaving beautifully.

I have some advice to offer however,…..if you are contemplating driving from Rockhampton to Mackay, may I suggest you fly. There is nothing along the way, no little coffee breaks, no big service stations until we arrived in Marlborough, where there is also nothing!

Here we made camp behind a very busy Puma Service Station with a couple of other like minded people. The following day we decided some sea air would be a nice change from dust and moved on to Clairview on the coast. We stayed in the delightful van park, situated by the sea with lovely, tall, shady trees.

Here our problems began.

As Rick went to pay for the night he discovered his wallet was missing. We turned Priscilla and the car upside down, to no avail. Retracing our steps in our minds we thought it must have fallen out at the Puma in Marlborough. Having sworn I would never return to Marlborough, back we went. The police station here in manned for half a day per week and the phone rang out. (He lived next door!) The spot we had camped at, had no wallet lying on the ground. Nothing to do but begin to put blocks on credit cards etc……nightmare.

THEN, a phone call from Wendy in St Lawrence (80 kms back up the highway) to say she had the wallet! We unhitched Priscilla and tore back at 110 kms ph, which was exciting for Rick as we average 90kms ph with Priscilla, to pick up the offending wallet. We had stopped to make a coffee at St Lawrence Wetlands the day before, to allow me to ring my Italian friends and cheer myself up. The wallet obviously fell out of Rick’s pocket there. It was missing money but all else was intact. Great relief.

Now to unblock credit cards etc…….

I was in a much better frame of mind as we drove to meet our dear friends on their properties between Marlborough and Nebo.

That will be a story for my next blog.

Author Jenny Old

Author on Board #BackofBeyond #Western Queensland #Australian travels #gypsies #outback


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