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The Joy Of Writing Fiction

In my later years, I have finally succumbed to the joy of writing fiction. This passion had been dormant for many years, as I stupidly thought there were more important things to attend to. Please don’t make the same mistake, to bury your creativity like me, and bog down with the everyday chores which I acknowledge are necessary for a harmonious existence within family life.

My initial venture into the world of writing was my desire to share a very special period of my life, to leave a legacy to my family and future generations. This was far from writing a fiction as it was a true story. ‘McAllister’ was finally complete and published by Ocean Reeve at InHouse Publishing in 2014. I was stunned and thrilled with the reaction to my story and in 2016 McAllister,’ was re-published by Allen&Unwin with the new title ‘Back of Beyond.’

My second book ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ was published in 2020 by Ocean Reeve Publishing. This was another non-fiction detailing my nursing training in the 1960’s and a wonderful year of travel in 1968 with nursing friends. Again, leaving a legacy of times which can never be replicated.

Penning a true story is time consuming and requires careful detail and authenticity. I was surrounded by diaries, letters and notes. It was very different from writing a story of fiction.

I am now embracing the joy of writing fiction and loving every word that flows from my mind, allowing me to withdraw into a world of fantasy. I had never believed that I could write a fictional story, but this epistle has been with me for many years. I had not recognised it as a manuscript.

I am a chronically light sleeper who lies awake for hours, even when dead tired. To relieve the boredom of insomnia I have taken myself into fantasy land. Think….. French Chateaux in Bordeaux, incredible wine, only daughter who will inherit the business and all the wealth of her aristocratic family, forbidden love…. and on it flows.

I was describing my night- time dreaming to a fellow author and good friend who asked me for more and more detail. Both he and I were amazed how long my narrative was. He encouraged me to start writing as he felt it would be a great book. And that is how my joy of writing fiction originated.

I now immerse myself in my ‘other world’ as I sit in front of my computer in my office and allow my imagination to flow. Gone are the masses of paperwork and research material required for writing a non-fiction, I now only have need of Google, my creative imagination and my computer. I love how the story unfolds, every day is a surprise and who knows where it will end? I certainly have no clue, but the journey is long and intriguing. Will the French heiress and her Australian lover finally end up together? It is a love story with complications.

The Joy Of Writing Fiction
The Joy Of Writing Fiction

I have used various books and Netflix series to help me plot the way forward. It has been interesting to incorporate some life experiences and personal characters into the saga. At this moment, the protagonist is in Scotland, and I am able to describe the countryside and people from my memory of time spent there, as recorded in my book ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad.’

Who knows where it will lead? I certainly don’t, but that is part of the intrigue and joy of writing fiction.

In case you are wondering, I continue to be an insomniac, but now it is due to my mind building the story to the next episode. Now my sleeplessness is due to my excitement about the next part of the plot! This manuscript could be shaping up to being a trilogy. Who knows?

Hopefully I have not discouraged you from writing your memoir. It is important to leave a legacy, not only for your family, but for generations to come. Our times and way of life are continually changing, we have all created our own piece of history. I am proud of both my non-fiction books

May you all have a wonderful 2022 as we move on with our lives with happiness, good health and gratitude.

Kind regards,

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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