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On Thursday 21st June, we took delivery of our Sandpiper Motor Home from ‘Cruisin’ Australia’, in Brisbane. (Rental). My enthusiastic husband had planned thirty Library presentations in fifty days, covering NSW and parts of Victoria. I gazed at my home on wheels with some feelings of trepidation. It was tiny, but Mr Positive (alias Rick) continued to assure me we would be very comfortable.

We departed early Friday morning. With two venues done at Lismore and Casino, I was grateful to pull into Bill and Helen Allen’s driveway and plug into their power and accept, with gratitude, their kind offer to use their spacious bathroom. ‘Piccolina’ does have a “bathroom” ….the biggest part of the Van, and I’m eternally grateful for the toilet!

Onto Tenterfield, to once again plug into the power of dear friends Penny & Charlie McCowan, who live up in the clouds on Bolivia Hill. Here we explored on foot, the amazing surrounds of their property, with enormous boulders and caves where Thunderbolt used to hide out.

Patrizia, my patient Publicist with Allen&Unwin, had booked several interviews with local media including an “on air” interview with Kelly Fuller on ABC. Tenterfield Library was great fun, with delightful guests including a journalist from the local newspaper. Everyone bought a book! Rick, my sales manager, was happy!! It was a great thrill to have a friend from “McAllister days in the audience. Thanks for coming Megan McNicholl.

We are now established in a delightful Van Park (Fossickers) in Glen Innes. It is COLD, but we are cosy in ‘Piccolina’ with her heater blowing gentle, warm air through our tiny space. Tomorrow’s presentation is at 5.30…I’ll have to dig my puffer coat and gloves out of the storage compartment!


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