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We were happy to be on the road again with daily presentations on the way to Holbrook in Victoria. I was honoured to be the guest speaker at an elegant dinner organised by my cousin and his wife in aide of Rotary.

The ‘Ten Mile Function Centre’ proved to be exceptional, with a warm ambience, great food and more importantly, a wonderful crowd of ninety guests. I managed to ‘guild the lily’ from the limited space in Picolina and Rick scrubbed up well too! My presentation was greeted with enthusiasm and interest with many guests lining up to purchase ‘Back of Beyond’. It was a successful and happy evening.

With no time to bask in our glory, we were on the road again for a morning Author Talk in the next town. Finally we were heading North after six weeks of freezing temperatures. It was a great feeling as we anticipated the beautiful weather of the Gold Coast.

However, our book supply was seriously depleted once again. Patrizia, my Publicist at Allen&Unwin organised a further shipment to be delivered to our final Library at Goondiwindi. This was our fourth delivery for our trip and not one book left. After setting up in Goondiwindi Library, I casually asked for the boxes of books only to be informed they hadn’t arrived. HELP….. Patrizia….. who responded immediately but ….having followed up, informed us that the books would not be delivered for a further 3 days.

My wonderful husband immediately devised Plan B while I calmly presented to the 60 assembled guests. Rick and Ilona, the Librarian, wrote the names of people who purchased books and we have since posted them to the Library for collection. Over 300 books sold. Rick and I are extremely happy with the result and also happy to be home and warm again!

There is no doubt that the Author is the best person to sell their book. This was an amazing journey, meeting different and delightful people, including many writers along the way.

Until our next promotional journey!! Happy writing and promoting!!


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