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Priscilla News - October 21st 2019

Well, North Queensland has certainly turned on the heat with 40 degree days, making it very uncomfortable. We endured the drive to Clermont from Charters Towers with an interesting interlude at a road block for bridge work. We were lucky to only have a 20 minute wait, many people had been there for 4 hours. As we were sitting, congratulating ourselves on our good timing, two men appeared at my window asking about my book. (We have the cover of the book featured on the back of Priscilla.) They were both authors, one man had published 12 books and the other 3. We had a great chat until it was time to go. How amazing to meet ‘creatives’ in the middle of the bush when one least expects it!

Many of you would know that when Rick proposed to me at McAllister, he presented me with an engagement ring he had fashioned from fencing wire. (it is very precious to me and has been replaced by a beautiful diamond since!). I gently (?) reminded him that it was our 50th wedding anniversary in November and I felt I deserved a ring. (I love rings!) His reply didn’t surprise me, knowing the man, with his comment,

‘I hope we’ll be near a fence.’

His next suggestion was a little more encouraging,

‘I think we should visit the Gem Fields and fossick for a sapphire for a ring.’

I agreed that would be fun. This was before the 40 degree heatwave hit us.

Here we are at Rubyvale and today we drove into the bush with an experienced miner of 26 years, (not his age!) to fossick. It was hot and dusty at the end of a very rough track, where Keith took us to a space in the dust and handed us a pick and shovel and 2 buckets. He explained where to start, then the washing and sorting. It was not quite 40 degrees but close.

So, here I am, having to ‘sing for my supper’ or ‘dig for my ring.’

We actually found 4 good stones, lovely green sapphires, which we are having set into a ring by Keith’s brother.

I had a wonderful day and this ring is going to be very meaningful and special.

Life is never predictable or dull with Rick and for that I’m eternally grateful!

Author Jenny Old

Author on Board #BackofBeyond #Western Queensland #Australian travels #gypsies #outback


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