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Priscilla News - August 9th 2019

I must say, being a gypsy is exhausting! Since leaving the Gold Coast sixteen days ago, we have ‘plugged’ in at friends homes. In Toowoomba we enjoyed residing in a garden of Botanic proportions at the home of Alison and Don Macmillan. Next stop, Armidale, where we enjoyed a fabulous spot on the hill in the garden of Richard and Judi Makim. Here we perched for three days whilst attending the TAS (The Armidale School) 60 year re-union. Oh my gosh, I’m married to an ‘Old’ man. It was great fun to spend time with Rick’s great mates of so many years. I hadn’t realised that I had married a shooting champion! Rick was part of the TAS shooting team that won the GPS championship in 1959! (Yes, he is ‘Old) I was able to cheer on my champion as he belted out 10 shots, hitting the target every time. I was (still am) very proud! There was much to celebrate when TAS won the rugby, followed by a grand dinner in the dining hall. The stories flowed, but none of our group could hear, due to a lack of hearing ability, but it didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for continuing to try.

Old Boys Re-Union. TAS Armidale 1959!

Old Boys Re-Union. TAS Armidale 1959!

GPS champion shooting team 1959 TAS

It was a great deal more relaxed at breakfast the following morning, before we farewelled old mates.

From Armidale we drove to Ben Lomond to plug in with friends, Prue and Alan Melville. Another great night of stories and laughter followed before we drove to North Star to stay at Lindon Downs with Tina and Daryl.

The drought all the way is devastating. I feel grateful that we can re-fuel and buy essentials at towns along the way. Every little bit helps. The spirit of the farmers is strong but they are hurting badly. We feel deeply for them.

We are now residing in St George beside the Bollon River. Millie is crunching a bone happily.

Our sign on the back of Priscilla is causing a great deal of interest and my ‘manager has sold a number of books along the way books. He likes it when the cars are banked up behind us, allowing plenty of time to check out the web page!

Until next time, from Carnarvan Gorge……..


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