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Priscilla News - August 20th 2019

After overnighting at the Racecourse in Injune, we refuelled everything, vehicle, water tanks, petrol for the generator, diesel for the heater, food for us, plus a final take-away latte. We would be bush camping for the following four nights.

We travelled through some spectacular country on the way to Sandstone Park, which is part of a cattle station. Here we set up camp on top of a plateau with 360 degree views, along with our fellow campers.

End of the trail!

Carnarvan Gorge is spectacular in every sense of the word, beautiful, rugged, majestic and challenging. The various hikes are mostly arduous for oldies like us, suffering with the odd sore knee. We scrambled over rocks and streams, squeezed between boulders and tree trunks only to arrive at a sign that stated ‘Formed Path Ends Here.’ Great…… Onward and upward we continued, slowly, with the aide of two sticks, finally arriving at the most amazing sight. The Gorge at this point was as wide as a person with a stream bubbling across rocks at the base. I was amused when I was passed by five children, who happily skipped across the slippery rocks I had been traversing carefully with the aide of two sticks, ever so slowly. Ohhh…. to be young!We loved this beautiful place and enjoyed the company of interesting neighbours, some have joined us in a game of FINSKA. Mostly the camp is tucked up by 7.30 after a long and harrowing day of hiking.

Pretty arduous hiking!

One observation I have made, is the talkative nature of travellers, my husband included! However, I have reached the conclusion that mostly the couples have been married for around 50 years, like us, and together they have said it all! To meet ‘new blood’ is GOLD, and there are lots of words to be spent! Even on the walking tracks it is common to pull up and in no time, learn about the history of the couple, down to medical ailments, grandchildren, dogs, births, deaths and marriages! Sometimes interesting, sometimes not!I have serious work to do on editing my book from now on.

We leave here for Rolleston tomorrow for a BIG washing day!

Jenny Old

Author on Board/ BackofBeyond/ Western Queensland/ Australian travels/ gypsies/ outback/


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