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Priscilla News

Finally, Rick, Millie and I are in residence in Priscilla (our caravan) after a long delay of our departure.

Rick has completed radium treatment for prostate cancer and is back to normal with a grin from ear to ear, as we begin our adventures.

At the moment we are parked in the beautiful gardens of good friends in Toowoomba, allowing us to re-connect with many mates from our happy years living here. The weather is magical and we are very cosy.

We leave here on Thursday to make our way to Armidale for a 60-year re-union at TAS (The Armidale School) with Rick’s great mates. “Old Boys’ is very descriptive!! It was at this school re-union we announced our engagement many years ago!

From there, our ‘real’ travels begin as we head North along roads we haven’t travelled on before. Port Douglas will be our most northern point before we return to the Gold coast for several weeks in November. Next year will be the ‘big’ one as we travel to Darwin and around the western coast.

I am very lucky to have the delay in departure to complete the manuscript of my second book, which is with an editor now. I’m very excited to be at this advanced stage, and I’m planning to have the book out for Christmas.

Watch this space!!

Until next time……………happy days!


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