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Preparing for Publication

What a wonderful time we have enjoyed as we travelled through the beautiful state of Tasmania for the past two months. During this time, I have been communicating with my publisher Jason Smith at Ocean Reeve Publishing, or rather, HE has been communicating with me, mostly under difficult conditions with poor mobile coverage!

Preparing a book for printing is complex and intense. Final proof reading of the manuscript, choice of cover, front and back, photographs, formatting, acknowledgements, maybe a celebrity review and a blurb. I could never have achieved this without the support of Jason. How do authors manage on their own? I cannot imagine where to begin.

As we have tootled along roads offering magnificent rainforest walks, Cheese tasting, Raspberry farms, Ice creameries, wineries AND a Belgium Chocolate factory, Jason and his team were working hard on my behalf. Several days ago, I received in an Express Post packet, my proof book to be read and checked for the final OK and printing. It was very exciting to hold this sample book in my hands and feel it, smell it and realise that all the work has culminated in a real book! It’s a wonderful feeling. Now I can’t wait to open a box of books for my book launch at Mt Gambier on March 31st.

Check my web page for details;

Mindset is important for creative writing. At this time, I’m struggling as we have recently lost a very close friend. Life has twists and turns and can be tough sometimes, but there is always goodness out there if we choose to look for it.

Very soon, ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ will be available! I’m very excited to share my second story, the pre-quel to ‘Back of Beyond” with you. Subscribe to my web page for updates and information re the Book Launch.

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