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As we drove past citrus orchards and macadamia farms we arrived in Griffith. This is a larger centre than our previous towns. It is always with an air of anticipation when we arrive at a new Library. How many people would attend? Had there been good promotion of the event? What was the atmosphere of the Library like? We have experienced many different buildings, some are extremely impressive in structure, others, quite ordinary.

Griffith was amazing, large open spaces and bright colours throughout. The ambience immediately gave one a sunny mood. This group were the most interactive and entertaining so far on our trip. The questions flew thick and fast followed by a great deal of bantering and laughter as everyone tucked into a delicious afternoon tea. Thank you Kate, for your wonderful organisation and hospitality.

Onto Tumut and the snowy weather, then Wodonga, another large centre. Here I was thrilled to have lunch with one of my close nursing friends and her husband. As we arrived at the library, rather later than planned, but glowing after delicious food and a glass of wine, I was greeted by a reporter and photographer who whisked me off into a quiet corner and interviewed me, then followed by seemingly hundreds of photos, even one of me lying on a lime green lounge reading my book! Shades of Elle McPherson I thought!!

People poured in the door. I was finally able to extricate myself from the clutches of the enthusiastic photographer to join the crowd. It was a wonderful afternoon, once again accompanied by a superb afternoon tea, supplied by the CWA ladies. Sadly I was too busy chatting to indulge, which is probably a good thing!!


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