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I Fed The Family Dog Food!

How could this happen? How could I feed my family dog food?

Well, I did, and it wasn’t a mistake.

I fed the family dog food on purpose!

What sort of a Mother/Grandmother does something like this?

In one of my previous blogs, I have told the story of our Cavoodle puppy called Jazz, who has been very fussy with her food. Specialist puppy tinned food and biscuits were shunned, tasty and very expensive treats just didn’t cut it.

What to do?

I Fed The Family Dog Food!
I Fed The Family Dog Food!

Following consultation with various dog ‘specialists’ I made my way to Aldi to purchase a whole chicken, organic of course, and a mixture of vegetables and rice. The sweet aroma of poached chicken in stock infiltrated my kitchen. I added vegetables and rice to the flesh after de-boning. It looked delectable. My husband was excited!

I had enough to fill four plastic boxes, three were in the freezer and one ready for the blissful reaction I expected from the Princess for her evening meal.

It was not to be, Jazz peered into her bowl, lifted her head in disdain and walked away.

I had put more effort into this food preparation than I do for our own evening repast.

It has since become obvious by her actions that she thinks she is human and enjoys ‘human food.’

I can feel the advice I am about to receive from pet owners out there who have the answer to my dilemma.

‘Let her go hungry,’ is the usual response and I have to agree BUT when I look into those enormous puppy dog eyes, I melt! And she knows it.

So, this is why I came to feed my family dog food. I had copious amounts of prepared rice, chicken and vegetables in the freezer. I invited our son and two grandchildren for dinner. The accepted enthusiastically, loving the idea of my fried rice.

I was going to use the food prepared for Princess Jazz to feed my family.

I proceeded to concoct the best dish with added peas, corn, cashews and shallots, seasoned with salt & pepper and a dash of soy sauce, it smelt delicious. However, something went amiss and the rice turned to glug…it didn’t even resemble risotto. I sent a message upstairs to my son, who is a gourmet cook, stating that things hadn’t gone according to plan. He replied that they were still game to share this meal.

‘Plop…plop,’ went the glug into pasta bowls.

I hesitantly tasted one small mouthful, declaring it inedible, my son did likewise, assuring me the taste was excellent, but the texture was a failure!

I Fed The Family Dog Food!
I Fed The Family Dog Food!

Eight-year-old grandson devoured it with gusto, declaring that he loves rice! (This stodge did NOT resemble rice in any way!), ten-year-old granddaughter ate her helping without comment, but immediately asked if she could have a glass of water. My dear husband cleaned his plate declaring it was tasty and edible…….bless him!

The plates were cleared away and ice creams devoured. When I apologised profusely for the terrible meal, my son replied,

‘Don’t worry, after all you did feed us dog food!’

I might add that Princess Jazz sat by watching this charade with a knowing look on her face which read as ‘I told you it was terrible!’

The strange result is that when I gave her a small amount from our gross volume of left overs, she ate it!!

Jazz thinks she is a human and likes human food!

I did have another occasion to feed the family dog food. On advice I had tempted Jazz with some tuna, which she loved. In a rush to put together an emergency dinner for the children following after school activities, I used her tin of tuna to whip up a tuna mornay. The children delight in telling their friends that they ate ‘dog food and cat food’ for dinner.

What do they think of me?

How can a grandmother feed her family dog, and cat, food? Very easily.

Before all the experts send me advice on feeding this fussy princess, I can happily inform you that she is now eating the food she is given and grateful for same.

I have owned many dogs in my life, but never been confronted with such a self-opinionated, stubborn, smart, challenging, active and cheeky pet. However, she is adorable and is becoming more obedient, but always loving and great fun.

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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