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Farewell Priscilla

The time has come to say farewell to our caravan ‘Priscilla.’ She has taken us on adventures throughout Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and, finally NSW. She has been a stalwart friend, (most of the time), loyal, uncomplicated and uncomplaining (unlike myself) comfortable and mostly problem free.

Priscilla has been with us since 2018 when we sold our home and were ready to join the ‘Grey Nomad’ scene and embark on a twelve-month adventure around Australia. Being a homebody, I harboured doubts about being away from my family, friends, garden, and Italian class for such a long period of time. My dear husband Rick, was chomping at the bit and ready to go. However, fate stepped in to delay our departure.

I insisted we have a medical and dental check prior to departure. Luckily an early-stage prostate cancer was detected which followed radium treatment.

No home, a caravan to store. What to do?

A dear friend offered a beautiful unit for us to use for the duration. Priscilla was put on adjustment for the following four months and I proceeded to continue to enjoy my life, family, friends, and Italian class. (The garden was gone.) The time passed quickly.

Priscilla was loaded and on the road once again. We wound our way north, exploring roads and places not visited before. Our little schnoodle Millie travelled with us happily. We returned in December to move into out apartment under our son’s home in Carrara.

Priscilla was soon on her way again, to beautiful Tasmania for two months. Millie enjoyed every minute but had to be sedated for the voyage on the ‘Spirit of Tasmania.’ This was a highlight for me. The beauty of Tasmania, the delicious food and win, walks, countryside and friendly people, including family members captivated us. The novelty of wearing snow clothes in Summer was a novelty.

I was excited to be preparing for my book launch at a large Cancer Fundraising event in Mt Gambier. Fifty copies of ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad,’ my second book, were to be delivered to the library at Mt Gambier ready for the launch at the Town Hall.

Then Covid struck!

We were in residence in Priscilla at my nephew’s home on the Bellarine Peninsular, but we soon realised we had to hot foot it home before Anastacia closed our borders, and that is what we did.

After twelve months of rest Priscilla has recently been called to action for a final run, down to the Hunter Valley for wine tasting, and exploring new areas. Sadly, we lost our beloved Millie, who was such a wonderful travelling companion. Our newest addition to the family, Jazz, a Cavoodle puppy took a dislike to Priscilla living. Her instincts to protect us at all times, from marauding fellow traveller, to other canines who may have the audacity to be near Priscilla, caused constant barking and growling and distress not only to her, but certainly to her owners, or to be honest to me. I decided that Jazz was unwell and suggested to Rick that she required a visit to the vet. When he returned from the consultation he was not happy.

‘It cost me $75 to be told it is behavioural.’

Rick was determined that this little beast wasn’t going to spoil his time in Priscilla.

Jazz never settled into moving every few days despite long walks daily and some fabulous runs on the beach. Parking a large twenty-four-foot caravan is not easy at the best of times, but to have this little black and white ball of fur barking in your ear is not helpful.

Jazz has been delivered home, where she is happy and settled. Rick and I are in the process of cleaning and servicing Priscilla ready for sale.

I will miss the canasta games we played every night. My mood turned black after being beaten 23 times in a row, but thankfully I was able to match Rick in the end, though he won our final two hands. Damn……

It has been a great relationship with Priscila. She is a very comfortable home on wheels and I LOVE having a toilet on hand at all times! (I wish I could fit one in my Corolla!!) The washing machine is better than mine at home, the bed is comfortable, great stove, Bar-B-Q and all the amenities. She has been a mobile advertisement with a large sign on the back advertising my books and ‘Author and books on board.’ But I’m ready to say goodbye Priscilla. I ready to return to my family, garden, home, friends, and Italian class.

Farewell and bless you Priscilla. May your next family have as much fun as we did.


Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’ Facebook


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