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A ‘Pretty Woman’ Moment

‘Pretty Woman’ would have to be one of my all-time favourite movies. How wonderful it is to slip into a fantasy world with a happy ending. Not long ago I experienced a spontaneous ‘Pretty Woman’ moment, although I was unsure about the happy ending!

Allow me to share:

I had offered to take my husband to lunch as a treat because he frequently indulges me. It was my time to reciprocate. I decided on a favourite restaurant in a suburb where our son had lived. Whenever I was invited to house and dog sit, I frequented the elegant shops nearby. I had a favourite shop where I always found interesting and different outfits suitable for my age, but with flair.

The day of our outing was grey and dismal with misty rain, but I was determined to re-visit this special shop with a plan to purchase a new dress. As we passed a sign to the toilets, I thought to myself that I should pay a visit. (Rainy days and an my bladder are not a great combination!)

‘I’m ducking into the loo, go into the shop over there and look for a nice dress for me. I’ll be with you shortly,’ I asked my husband. He has excellent taste in clothes, I might add.

When I joined him I noticed the shop didn’t look familiar, but it had been a long time since my previous visit, I noticed a very elegant shop owner giving him full attention. I also noticed champagne on the counter, with delicious canapes and chocolate dipped strawberries.


I was ushered into a change room with several outfits already on the rack for me to try on, more were being presented as my husband was pulling out everything he liked. The assistants were raving about my wonderful husband and what great taste he had. Other customers were exalting over such an amazing man who could choose outfits for his wife, who was hiding in the change room.

As I emerged in the first outfit which was beautiful, they all exclaimed and commented, and there was my triumphant husband sipping champagne and nibbling on a strawberry.

‘I love it,’ he commented.

The assistant then draped a beautiful jacket around my shoulders, then added a scarf, whilst telling me how beautiful I looked.

I scurried back into the change room, then looked at the price and nearly fainted. I hastily changed back into my own, very ordinary outfit and walked out, having decided, with my husband’s encouragement, to buy the dress, jacket, and scarf.

‘What about the other outfits?’

I attempted to attract his attention to communicate to him, that the prices were rather prohibitive, but he was too busy sipping his champagne and relishing the adoration of the shop owner and customers.

‘Oh, please try on the capri pants and top,’ he begged.

‘I can’t afford them,’ I whispered to him……(maybe snarled would be a better word!)

‘I’ll buy them for you,’ he responded, earning even more praise and adulation.

Back into the change room, undress, put on the outfit, which was lovely!

‘I love it. Yes, you must have that.’

I’m not one to say no to an offer like that. Once again, I’m in my own clothes, paying for a dress, jacket and scarf which added up to a mouth-watering amount to me, attempting to be nonchalant as I handed over my debit card and helped myself to a champagne and strawberry.

Meanwhile, the assistant is wrapping the capri pants and top for my generous husband and quietly advising him of the price.

He visibly blanched but I refused to make eye contact. There is a lesson here for him, to look at the price tags before committing!

We walked out of that shop with our packages, and I did feel like Pretty Woman.

As we wandered toward the restaurant, I gasped,

‘Oh no, that is the shop I meant. We were in the wrong shop.’

‘We can take these parcels back and ask for a refund and look in here,’ my funny husband replied.

We laughed at the ridiculous situation, but I was excited about my new clothes.

My dilemma was wondering if I had enough funds on my debit card to pay for lunch. It would be touch and go as I don’t have a large limit.

Much to my consternation my husband ordered several glasses of wine, oysters, a main and even dessert. I was adding it up in. my head……wondering if my card would reject.

Thankfully it did not embarrass me. We had an amazing day with lots of laughter.

However, my debit card is still recovering, but I felt like Pretty Woman.

I have only worn the dress and scarf once, the jacket is still awaiting its inaugural outing, But I know it will be special.

Have you had a Pretty Woman moment? I think it’s fun to pass into a fantasy world occasionally, live a dream and smile.

The fictional story I am writing presently, is a beautiful fantasy. I’m having such a great time living in the moment while I write. It’s a happy place for me.

Happy Days!

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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