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Time Spent In Isolation

While I feel deeply for the many people suffering loneliness, stress, and illness at this strange time, I personally, am enjoying the time at home to be a little more ‘chilled’ with life. I have a list of ‘jobs to be done’ a mile long, some more interesting than others. But I won’t be bored for a very long time. Cooking and housework haven’t scored a mention yet!

Rick and I recently had our first outing, apart from daily walks with Millie, to the doctor to have a flu jab. This visit required considerable preparation by me as I suddenly realised my legs were rather hairy, not to mention my nose! My hair required some attention and a dab of tinted moisturiser helped a little. A change of clothes from gardening gear and then the addition of a mask, at the assistance of our protective son and I was ready to go. Our doctor commented that I looked excited to be visiting. It was all over very quickly. But then, Rick looked at me on the way home and uttered the words, ‘Do you want to duck into Bunnings for some plants?’ Hell YES! This was fun as I maintained social distancing and drooled at the multitude of fresh plants on display wondering where I would put them. I managed to contain myself to a few, then crept home, hoping our son wouldn’t notice. He did!

I have had a few ‘Zoom rage’ moments last week. How wonderful it is to be able to connect with friends and associates by this amazing technology, WHEN all goes according to plan! My wonderful publisher, Ocean Reeve and his marketing guru Josh Clifton have been conducting marketing mentoring sessions every fortnight for around 40 lucky participants. These sessions have been amazing, and I have learnt so much from listening and making connections with fellow authors in a positive and supportive forum.

However, the internet let me down last week with a message telling that I was NOT connected to the internet, even though everything indicated I was. Total frustration….or a meltdown as Rick described it, ensued. Thankfully Ocean recorded the session and I was able to pick up halfway through.

I have enjoyed an ‘interchat’ on SKYPE with fellow author, Pip Coleman from Phillip Island in Victoria, where we discussed our books and enjoyed a lot of laughter as we shared experiences on our writing journey. We have exchanged books and I’m eagerly awaiting ‘Finding My Soul at Sea’ to arrive.

I have been learning Italian for ten years with a very special group of friends. We have been connecting on Zoom each week, but last Friday we spent most of our time together with;

‘Can you hear me?’

‘I’ve lost M…….”

‘Why are we all down one side?’

‘I can’t see P…….’

ETC ETC…….it was so frustrating, but we managed to enjoy some time together with high hopes next week will be easier.


I have good news. My latest book, ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ is now available, having sold out in Pre-sale. This story tells of four ‘innocent’ nurses travelling abroad on the good ship Fairstar in 1968. This is a personal story of tales of living and working in ‘rockin’ London in the 1960’s, deep friendships, adventures, some life threatening, exotic destinations, near misses, challenges good and bad and survival, meaning the girls returned home not quite as ‘innocent’ as they were! There is an unexpected love story with a twist at the end.

It would be an ideal Mothers Day gift, an easy and entertaining read.

The sequel to this book is ‘Back of Beyond.’ Read the many reviews on my web page.

Both books are available;

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there. Please stay well and safe everyone.

Until next time, I hope Zoom works perfectly for you all.



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