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How many Book Launches can an author have? Heaps I decided.

As my friends and family had been part of my writing and publishing journey, they came forth with great ideas to promote my book.

In the beginning, a committee of three ladies was formed and a formal luncheon at The Arts Centre (now H.O.T.A) on the Gold Coast was planned. This function was in aide of a worthy charity, ‘The Homeless Youth of the Gold Coast’. A book was included in the ticket price. That was 200 hundred books! What a start! I was excited by the response to my story. My enthusiastic husband contacted various Rotary Clubs where I was a guest speaker. Some members were interested, but many were disinterested, looking at their watches or at the coffee counter longingly!

Library ‘Author Talks’ have been interesting and varied I have enjoyed some fantastic results and some dismal experiences, but every experience is beneficial in some way. Mostly the Libraries have been welcoming, organised and enthusiastic, but on one occasion, having confirmed details and times, we arrived to find that no-one seemed to have any idea about my presentation. There was no sign of a poster promoting the event. This wasn’t a promising start. Having unloaded the car, Rick arrived with his trolley loaded with banners and books. We looked lost. There were no humans, only rows of computers. Following some serious exploration of the vast building, I found a lady who knew nothing about my presentation. She proceeded to phone my contact and was informed that she was enjoying a day off. My self confidence was in my boots by now.

In time a room was allocated to me. We set up the power point and waited for the crowd to arrive Finally a few people straggled in. I valiantly gave my presentation with as much enthusiasm and humour as I could muster, with zero response from the assembled trio.

With a flourish I concluded a shortened version to enthusiastic clapping from my husband and one good friend who had finally found us. Then the fun began…….

Two dear little old ladies had bought their photo albums to share their life history with me. While Rick was packing up the display and the books we had hoped to sell, I was giving a therapy session with my ‘new best friends’, discussing the hardship of life in the ‘good old days’.

Now, I am an empathetic person, but after an hour of nodding sympathetically, I could see my friend patiently waiting to catch up, we hadn’t seen each other for years and she was part of my story, I had to plead another appointment and leave for a coffee shop nearby. After all it was too early for a drink! As we ordered our coffee and made our way to a table, my friend said ‘Don’t look around, but your friends have just walked in the door!’ To be continued……….


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