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The Little Things …

Many little things affect us in different ways as we go about our daily life.

I was fortunate to complete a Dale Carnegie twelve-week programme in 1988. It was challenging and intensive but taught me a great deal about myself.

One of the exercises I remember with amusement, was when we were asked to share with the group, two little things that made us angry or frustrated. The answers were varied, humorous and interesting, especially between married couples. I can remember my two examples very clearly:

  1. Pulling a long garden hose to water plants, only to have the hose kink when I was nearly there, no water. Grrr…a little thing but it made me very mad!

  2. Drivers who don’t use their indicators until the last minute. (Take note Rick!)

The exercise enabled us to look carefully at these insignificant instances that made us angry and to understand how ridiculous our reaction was.

I have since been able to add more annoyances to my list as I become a grumpy old lady!

Crows drive me insane and even worse is when my husband (who is deaf) informs me in a placating tone, that ‘I can choose how I react’ to the cacophony of squawking that these irritating and intrusive birds make.

Oh yes, that’s another little thing of frustration, when my husband reminds me that I can choose how I react!

These are negative little things, but I prefer the positive little things that bring joy to our days.

  • Nothing beats a hug from a grandchild.

  • Watching a new bloom on a precious plant.

  • The smell of the first drops of rain on parched earth and then the sun sparkling through the clouds as the rain clears.

  • A freshly mown lawn.

  • A smile from a shop assistant and the grateful look on the face of a cleaner when you thank them for a job well done.

  • My husband delivering a Zarraffas coffee in the morning.

  • A smile and a thank you from anyone.

  • Clean sheets.

  • The greeting from an enthusiastic dog on your return home, even if it has only been to the letter box.

  • And so many more. But it’s these little things that make us appreciate the bigger picture.

  • Living in a country with freedom.

  • Having enough food and fresh water.

  • Having shelter.

With the example of the devastation and tragic events happening in the Ukraine remind us just how precious the above are.

The floods on the East Coast of Australia are a reminder how precious food, fresh water and shelter are to us.

The community spirit reminds us how lucky we are to live where we do, despite the challenges nature throws at us.

There is more good than bad in the world and a positive spirit helps to deal with the sadness and horror.

I plan to live every day with positivity and gratitude and ignore the mainstream media.

My heartfelt thoughts go to all affected by the floods and may your lives heal with the help of family and friends.

Stay well and safe.

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’ Facebook


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