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Priscilla News - October 29th 2019

Every day is a surprise on our travels. We booked in to a beautiful park beside the Fairbairn Dam, outside Emerald. Even though the water level was low, there was still a huge expanse as far as the eye could see, with miles of off leash area along the waters edge for Millie to run and splash.

There were not many vans in the park as it is nearing the end of the season, but Rick noticed a restaurant attached to the office.

‘Let’s go out for dinner tonight?’

‘Yes, please,’ was my immediate response. We had not dined out for months, preferring to stay ‘home’, but this would be a treat!

Rick went to make the booking and put our order in before 4.30pm

In great anticipation I showered, washed and blow-dried my hair, donned a dress, and even applied some make-up with a splash of my precious Chanel 5. I was ready to go.

Rick had dressed in his ‘best’ shorts and shirt as well. We were about to depart when a four wheeler pulled up at Priscilla’s door and delivered our dinner!!! Surprise!

Here we are, all dressed up, dining on red-claw Pad Thai and red claw spring rolls in Priscilla.

I produced the candles our grandchildren had made for us, Rick found the ‘good’ wine glasses and we toasted our night out!

This will be my last blog for awhile as we spend some family time before we embark on the next leg of our adventures, to Tasmania in early January before heading north, up and over to the west.

I will be giving updates on the progress of my new book ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’ as they come to hand.

In the meantime, subscribe to my web page for any updates.

Happy days

Author Jenny Old

Author on Board #BackofBeyond #Western Queensland #Australian travels #gypsies #outback


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