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Rick and I headed off to my hometown of Deniliquin where my family and friends had organised another launch at the Club. On the way, I organised an Author Talk at a Library in a large regional town. The weather conditions weren’t kind to us, with cyclonic conditions, flooded highways and frequent detours, making our journey a lot longer than planned.

On arrival, I introduced myself to the charming librarian I had been communicating with. He escorted us downstairs to the room where I would be presenting at 5pm. I was rather concerned as I looked out the window to see a temporary levy bank in situ, to save the library from the rapidly rising river alongside!

‘Has the Library been flooded before?’ I enquired tentatively.

‘Yes, many years ago. We have 30 booked for this evening,’ he responded enthusiastically!

I watched the horizontal rain teeming down outside with screaming winds and a lapping river. I wasn’t so sure.

‘I don’t think anyone will come in these conditions,’ I muttered, ‘I certainly wouldn’t.’

However, country people are stoic. They filed in and took their seats. I was given a beautifully warm welcome and introduction, which lifted my spirits following my previous experience.

As the rain gushed down and the river lapped the levy bank, the assembled group listened enthusiastically, asked lots of questions and purchased plenty of books.

At the back of the room, our hospitable librarian had a table set with biscuits, cheese and wine!

(Remember, this is out of hours and the library is closed.) What a legend! The party continued and I discovered a long lost relative in the group. Our tongues were loosened and the stories flowed.

True country hospitality.

Next stop Deniliquin for a different experience.

I was to discover that every destination has a different story, but always a positive result. It was never about the number of sales.


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