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I’m Finally Let Off The Chain!

Now I understand the excitement working dogs feel when they are let off the chain for a run, or work. My father’s kelpie working dogs were always on the chain when not working. I remember clearly, their joy and anticipation of working with the sheep when they were free to run and do the job they were bred to do, mustering the sheep.

I wasn’t about to go sheep mustering. I don’t have the patience as I always felt they were the dumbest of the dumbest, but my dad loved his animals.

No…. I was boarding a jet to fly to Darwin.

Now, don’t think for a minute I don’t enjoy being at home. I am a real home body…..BUT…..hello people……. after years of staying at home, this was like being let off the chain! I was excited and ready to run and jump with joy, but my sensible husband refrained his ebullient wife from embarrassing herself.

How exhilarating it was to be waiting in a long queue, knowing I was about to board this large capsule which was taking us to a destination we had never visited. Looking around the buzzing airport, it was obvious I wasn’t the only person let off the chain! People were on the move again, and what a great atmosphere it created, for the travellers, the airlines, and the associated businesses.

Finally, seat belts on and take off. I have been let off the chain and ready to run.

Covid has created a period of listlessness and antipathy for me. I had failed to understand how the lack of travel, experiencing different places, events, and people had curtailed expression and creativity. I am an author, and this time should have been an uneventful period with plenty of uninterrupted time to write, but it failed to come easily.

Now I understand why. We, as humans, need to socialise and be stimulated in our everyday life.

My husband and I, (sounds familiar!) have recently returned from a wonderfully busy and exhausting trip. We experienced Darwin; with all it has to offer. Great restaurants, street art, Waterfront Precinct, Museums, and a terrifying attempt at riding an electric scooter. Rick travelled all over on one of these machines, but I preferred to walk following a series of wobbles, but I did it! I was like that dog let off the chain.

What a treat to be in a different environment with a diverse history. My dormant mind was waking up. I was learning, absorbing information about the tragic bombing of Darwin that I had no idea was so prolonged and severe. The virtual reality goggles created a real time event. We experienced the bombing several times, each time more terrifying than the last!

From superb sunsets whilst sipping a margarita accompanied by a seafood platter, to Korean BBQ’s, Japanese cuisine, fresh fish and chips, and the famous ‘Hop-On Hop-Off’ bus where we had the opportunity to chat to people from all over. We exchanged ideas, impressions, and recommendations.

I was alive again! Let off the chain! (Not that I ever thought I was chained up!!)

However, as I write this, I am home after a busy three weeks. I love being home and I was ready to come home. There is nothing like that familiar bed (and toilet!). We were given a tumultuous welcome from Jazz our cavoodle, who had been beautifully looked after by our family.

Yesterday our son flew into the international airport in Brisbane. We waited for him to appear through the arrival doors and all I could think of was, I was ready to go even further next time.

In the meantime…..there is no place like home and I’m very happy to be here here………for now!

Cheers for now.

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’ Facebook


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