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Emerging From COVID

2020 is certainly a year to be remembered for many reasons. Covid 19 is the obvious one that comes to mind, but there are many other outcomes as a result of lockdown and some deprivations. I, personally enjoyed lockdown as I am a home body and have plenty to occupy my mind and body.

Rick & I had returned from a blissful two months exploring the beautiful state of Tasmania when Covid hit. We were due to head to Mount Gambier to launch my second book ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad, but decided to wait at my nephew’s delightful property on the Bellarine Peninsular where I happened to have the friends who were my accomplices on the adventures featured in ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad.’

As Covid issues became more alarming, it was obvious that the book launch was not going to happen. With very limited storage space in a caravan, with toilet paper, flour, paper towels, pasta non- existent on the supermarket shelves, it was time to move on and head for home at a cracking pace….well as fast as we could go towing a large, heavy caravan.

Marketing my new book was far from our minds as we faced this new peril. However, the positive aspect was that we were heading home to see our family and friends. I settled happily into lockdown, relieved to be home. Our twelve- month travel plans around Australia in ‘Priscilla’, the caravan, were on hold indefinitely.

Rick and I had an enormous project to develop our son’s garden, where we have an independent unit. The chain saw created a cacophony of noise for the poor neighbours as trees and hedges were trimmed. Gradually, after many trips to Bunnings, the garden took shape. With thirty-nine steps to climb multiple times a day, our fitness was increasing dramatically. My innovative husband devised ways to cart soil, garden pots and mulch up and down steps with minimal expletives but excessive grunts. We now have a colourful display of flowers, shrubs and a healthy vegetable garden with a netting cover, just in time as we caught our resident possum watching progress.

Garden complete, now it’s time to think about how I can market my book while in lockdown. It all looked too hard. Thankfully my publisher, Ocean Reeve, kicked off a fortnightly zoom mentoring session. Happy Days! I was obviously not alone with my dark thoughts. These sessions have facilitated enormous personal growth in the online department, a topic I have been attempting to avoid, but knew it was inevitable.

As a result of the continued support of my publishing team and fellow authors, I am now managing to take video reviews of my books, even do a ‘live’ on Facebook, (must do another one!), join online forums, Linkedin and use Facebook and Instagram to my advantage.

I have been procrastinating about having updated professional photographs taken, but, because it was in my ‘Action Plan’ I am delighted to have in my possession, six excellent photographs. Dave Fox and his wife Dawn were able to turn this session into a fun couple of hours with great results. I am not an easy subject as I tend to freeze in front of a camera, being a typical introvert, but Dave had me relaxed and the result speaks for itself. I can recommend Dave Fox Photography one hundred percent.

Covid 19 has brought about a reconsideration of the way we, personally, live our daily lives. The simple things in life are free, for example a walk on the beach or in a park to enjoy nature, especially with less traffic noise and pollution.

I am not an enthusiastic cook anymore, after having to cater for the masses at ‘McAllister’ (read my book ‘Back of Beyond’), we were introduced to ‘Hello Fresh’ deliveries…..wooopppeee…..all ingredients delivered to the door with easy to follow recipes. Now it’s your turn to turn out an occasional meal Rick! (And he did!!)

Now I am a little more knowledgeable about internet marketing, something I know I would have continued to wiggle my out of for as long as possible. As restrictions are eased, knowing we have to live with Covid19, Rick and I look forward to returning to the marketing way that works well for me. That is to hit the road and begin to have Author talks at Libraries.

I enjoy being a guest speaker at fund raising events.

In the meantime, thank you Covid for the experience, but I hope you disappear soon and allow people to get on with their lives with renewed vigour.

May the many people who have lost jobs, businesses and security, may you stay strong and come through this time with a new direction and hope.

Until next time, stay well and happy.

Jenny Old

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’


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