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We waved goodbye to our friends in Inverell in the rain. We hoped, sincerely we may be the lucky omen to break the dreadful drought being suffered by our farmers throughout NSW, and Queensland.

It is sobering to hear their stories. Many are paying thousands of dollars a week to keep their precious stock alive. Some are having to bring hay from South Australia…imagine the cost of the freight? Our Politicians are not listening or acting on this natural disaster which is costing animals, and tragically, too many desperate farmers their lives.

The gathering at Armidale Library was both boisterous and exciting as Rick and I both discovered friends from our past. This is happening regularly as we visit the country towns on our itinerary. A very attractive lady greeted me with the words, “I went to school with you”! Wow….that was 54 years ago, but I finally remembered. Then an ex-boyfriend (with his lovely wife) arrived. This took me back 50 years, but we still recognised each other!

When this vibrant group of 32 finally settled, I was able to begin my talk which was accompanied by a great deal of laughter and banter. The Librarian looked stunned as the enthusiastic crowd departed to continue our re-union over lunch.

We returned later in the day to plug in ‘Picolina’ at a friends property. Judy and Richard were responsible for todays crowd.

The tiny town of Guyra was scheduled for a 5pm presentation. Guyra is known as the coldest town in the New England. I decided that no-one in their right mind would venture away from their fireplace at that time. The stoic people of Guyra proved me wrong with a lovely group gathered in comfy chairs with supper provided, and enjoyed the evening.

My ex-boyfriend and his wife turned up again!!

We are having a great time on ‘Picolina’ and managing to keep warm and well. What an adventure we are having!


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