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Bucket Lists

Bucket List. I had never heard or understood this term until many years ago I watched a wonderful movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, simply called ‘Bucket List’. Now, it is a very common term used frequently. What an amazing and poignant story which served as a great reminder for all, to live life and not put off the things we long to achieve, visit or participate in. Obviously this is not easy whilst working and with family commitments, but even then, a Bucket List can be achievable. Maybe purchasing a puppy for the family, a seaside holiday, a camping trip with young children, and so much more.

I am an avid ‘list keeper.’ I love lists and have been known to add something to my list if it wasn’t written and then cross it out, all at the same time. But my lists were never a Bucket List. They were only a list of chores.

Now, my list is definitely a ‘Bucket List.’

So much to do and so much to see and not enough time to achieve it all.

Now my husband and I are ticking of some of the things on our Bucket List.

1 Visit Darwin Done

2 Travel on the Ghan Done

3 Visit Adelaide Done

4 Visit Kangaroo Island Done

5 Visit Uluru and Kata Tjuta Done

We ticked off the above list in three weeks and decided we overdid it! We returned home and booked a week in a resort at Coffs Harbour to recover. This Bucket List stuff is hard work, but why the urgency?

Exactly, we needed a reminder to slowly enjoy the moments.

That is what we have done. We reminisce about our visit to new places, the beauty of Adelaide with the wines and beauty of the Adelaide Hills, although it was raining at the time, the wine tasted even more wonderful. The delight in a tram ride to beautiful Glenelg for four dollars.

A visit to the Art Gallery and a wander through the elegant city centre.

The wonderful Central Markets and delicious Spaghetti Vongole at Lucia’s Italian restaurant.

Adelaide is back on our Bucket List. We didn’t have enough time to do all we wanted to.

A very busy two days on wonderful Kangaroo Island with guides who wanted to show us everything from the sea lions, seals, fabulous rock structures, wildlife sanctuary, bee keeping, eucalyptus distillery and the all-important winery. A young, Italian honeymoon couple were desperate to see kangaroos, of which there was a scarcity, but thankfully, a few emerged in the evening, much to their delight, and our relief. To witness kangaroos was at the top of their Bucket List.

Finally, a visit to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. This was Rick’s first visit to this important part of Central Australia, I was desperate for him to witness this amazingly beautiful, spiritual, and unique part of our country. The first sight of these magnificent, geological marvels remains a unique feeling and experience.

Sadly, the weather didn’t oblige with the stupendous sunrise and sunset that I witnessed many years previously. It was cloudy and freezing cold. This small glitch did not deter our pleasure in witnessing the famous ‘Field of Lights’ at a very uncivilised hour of the morning in the bitter cold. The sunset dinner failed to deliver a sunset or any stars for the astrological presentation. It remained a memorable experience, to be served a delicious dinner in the middle of the desert.

However, we were one of ten percent of people to witness the waterfalls on Uluru. That wasn’t on our Bucket List, but we can tick that one off and forget about the sunrise and sunset.

We continue to add to our list, nonetheless we have come to the realisation that having completed a challenging four-hour, Grade Four hike, that we have now downgraded to Grade Three hikes. It’s all about compromise and a little bit of common sense.

Bucket Lists are really goals, but the importance of having something to look forward to or aim for, is important in our lives.

Good luck with your Bucket List.

I need to win Lotto!

Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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