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Whilst staying with great friends Bronwyn and Gordon Turner on their property ‘Brassbutt” one hour out of Hay, we were delighted to share the celebration of their son’s engagement. The big surprise, and utter delight for me, was that Mark had presented Emily with a temporary ring made from wire! Now, there are two of us who are proudly wearing a wire ring. Rick’s response was ‘It’s a very economical way to propose’!!!

I was honoured to be invited as the guest speaker for the Riverina Ladies Club Winter Luncheon. The elegant lounge room of the country house was very welcoming with a log fire burning. What amazing hostesses! We enjoyed champagne and delicious food with a welcoming and engaged group of ladies and two gentlemen.

Travelling through the famous Hay Plains to Griffith, we were again, reminded of the horrors of the drought affecting so many people on the land. Spare a thought for them and help in any way you can.

Unfortunately one of my back teeth broke off, leaving a sharp protrusion, which was extremely uncomfortable and even painful. What to do? Out itinerary is packed, with dental visits not included. After many packs of chewing gum to prevent my poor tongue form being sliced, we managed an appointment in Wagga Wagga, which was not on our itinerary!

Following painful presentations at Griffith, and Junee, I found myself happily in a dental surgery. That would be a first time! Dr Chan patched it up temporarily, until I return home. I was eternally grateful and presented him with a copy of ‘Back of Beyond’. He, and his staff, thought I must be famous, insisting on photos!! I have since received a message asking where the book can be purchased, as one of their patients would like a copy! Great proof that word of mouth is a great tool and the author needs to market the book rather than have it sitting on a shelf in a shop.

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