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I was looking forward to my day off with great anticipation following twenty three presentations in twenty eight days! Thoughts of brisk walks in the chilly conditions, followed by a leisurely lunch somewhere other than Picolina, maybe a Pub ‘Roast of the Day’, were filling my mind. Climbing down from our platform bed in the morning, I was disappointed to be confronted by a roaring wind, damp drizzle and freezing cold temperature. I was NOT happy.

Finally, feeling extremely claustrophobic and suffering ‘cabin fever’, I decided I was going to have my walk. Rick was deeply engrossed in a good book whilst sitting on the only comfortable chair available, showing no interest in joining me in the less than desirable conditions, I rugged up and set off.

I trudged through mud puddles on the uneven edge of the road with traffic whizzing past, until I reached a coffee shop. Entering the welcoming warmth and delicious odours of freshly brewed coffee in an over heated room, I thought I was in heaven. Having ordered my coffee I turned to find a cosy seat, only to discover there was nothing available. I reluctantly sat outside in the chilly conditions, which didn’t add to my grumpy frame of mind!

Continuing on my walk attempting to warm my frozen limbs I came upon a Bookshop which was open. (This was Sunday). Entering the cosy warmth of the shop I was greeted by the sight of my book ‘Back of Beyond’ featuring as the ‘Book of the Month’. My mood lifted immediately as I introduced myself to Mark. I expressed my gratitude for promoting my book. He immediately invited me to sign his 6 copies and to share a chocolate.

Rick was relieved to note my mood had improved when I finally returned to Picolina.

We both decided that a day off is not necessarily a good thing!


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