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Priscilla News - August 27th 2019

We spent three pleasant days, bush camping beside the Dawson River 10kms from Moura. It was a welcoming site to see water in the river due to a weir not far from where we camped, along with another 50 people! The drought is heartbreaking, everywhere we have been. We feel grateful we can support the small towns by buying necessities and fuel along the way.

On Saturday we drove the 10kms to Moura Caravan Park, which is a real oasis. We were parked amongst palm trees and green grass underfoot. I bless and thank Priscilla’s little washing machine as it churned out six loads, one sheet at a time, two towels and lots of undies, I also give constant thanks to her toilet and generous shower BUT…..we have a problem.

The hot water tank has developed a leak, started small, but got bigger. Water is our limiting factor for bush camping. We have four days worth in the tanks, but a leak is unforgiveable Priscilla. I’m not happy having to forgo the luxury of my ‘in house’ shower to tramp across the dust in my thongs to the public shower block.

My dear husband deserves a medal for having his head in the cupboard (at floor level) unscrewing and re-screwing all manner of fittings, all resulting in the dreaded drip…drip.

We are so impressed with the generosity and kindness of our fellow travellers who have all offered tools, ‘O’ rings, tubing, assistance and advice. Two days later as we are at Cania National Park, outside Monto, our much younger neighbour put his head in the cupboard with ease and adjusted something. Drip….drip….BUT good news!!

My amazingly persistent Rick, has just re-done something and it looks as if the dratted drip has STOPPED!!!!

Still not one expletive has escaped his mouth. That is what I call patience and persistence, and why I’ve been married to this wonderful man for 50 year! We are Yin and Yang!!!

We have just completed a challenging hike with multiple steep steps. The hot shower will be extra sweet tonight!

Not sure where we are going next……the life of a gypsy! Una Zingara!

Jenny Old

Author on Board #BackofBeyond #Western Queensland #Australian travels #gypsies #outback

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