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The Importance Of Family

During this weird time of Covid 19, the importance of family and friends is a crucial factor in our lives. I am extremely fortunate to live close to our son and two grandchildren. At present we are visiting Gladstone and enjoying special times with three of the four grandchildren in this family. As they grow and mature into teenagers, our relationship changes. It is a joy to exchange conversation and laughter with plenty of teasing added to the mix. Scrabble is competitive and rules are relaxed as the role of grandparents allows for this slackening of pace.

The Importance Of Family

I feel for the families who aren’t able to visit or have visitors during lockdown and border closures. Social interaction is vital for a healthy mind and attitude, something television and reading cannot offer alone. Having the company of young ones is stimulating and fun, even when they roll their eyes when having to repeat a question several times for old ears to pick up on! They do wonder at our slow pace and difficulty staggering to out feet from a low position, or, having to roll onto all fours to arise! How I dread the flippant request ‘Come on Oma, sit on the floor with me,’…….horror of horrors!

What fun to stand on the sidelines of a touch football match, barracking without inhibition for a grandson who is playing like a champion, even if we discovered we were cheering for the wrong player on occasions. It didn’t matter, we are grandparents and beyond embarrassment. How the heart melts when handed a special poem or painting with the words ‘I love you,’ or hand painted pots for precious orchids, made with love.

Family is everything.

The Importance Of Family

Connecting with friends regularly in these isolating times is important. I have lost three very dear friends in the past twelve months, all of whom I miss desperately. Not being able to call and confide or share with life-long friends leaves a void which seems impossible to fill. Let’s treasure all the friends we have, connect and communicate and empathise.

Now Spring is in the air. As an avid gardener I can’t wait to get my fingers in the earth and plant more seedlings and watch them grow into productive vegetables and glorious flowers. The lawn mowers will be out in full swing and the dreaded blowers on Sunday morning. However, the song of birds will prevail, even the harsh sound of the crows will overshadow all. I love to watch them fluffing their feathers after splashing in the bird bath.

My garden and my plants are a little like my family. I do chat to them daily. I’m sure they respond, I know Millie, my mini schnoodle understands!

I’m feeling the urge to get back to writing. I have three different projects in my head that need to be penned, before they escape. I need a few weeks of wet weather to drive me inside.

In the meantime, enjoy family and friends and Spring. Stay well and safe and may covid go away soon.


Jenny Old

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

‘Back of Beyond’


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