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Priscilla News - August 13th 2019

The relaxed gypsy lifestyle has not seen us go far. We enjoyed a lovely night in Surat, a delightful town with 2 great coffee shops and a grassy patch to park, something unusual in the drought ravaged towns. We proceeded to Roma (in Australia unfortunately!) where we booked into the Roma Gun Club, which has opened up a paddock for caravans. We were recommended this place by a fellow gypsy and it has been quite an experience. As we turned the corner, the impressive sight that greeted us appeared to be a Jayco Sales Yard!

Roma Gun Club with a hundred new best friends!

‘Jayco,’ for those who are not in the know, is the most popular brand of caravan in Australia. There is a definite class distinction in the caravan world. As usual, we haven’t fitted into any box, always different! Priscilla is a ‘Coromal Lifestyle’ model. (To me “Lifestyle” means a villa in Italy for six months), but I am becoming fond of Priscilla as the days go by. Here, there are over one hundred vans parked neatly side by side, but not too close.

A bit chilly in Roma. My marketing manager!! Would you buy a book from this man??

Rick has parked Priscilla near the amenity block with the sign facing toward the continual flow of gypsies heading for the laundry and dump point. This may be another term you are not familiar with, it is the designated place where the ‘men’ empty the toilet capsules…….enough.

It fascinates me to watch a van arrive, park, then, within minutes there is a group of men surrounding the driver asking questions.

‘How far have you come?’

‘How old is your van?’

etc, etc, etc.

Meanwhile the women are starting up their tiny washing machines and churning out clean undies, which hang from a line outside the van. (I have to say, I LOVE my washing machine.)

Our store of books is becoming depleted as my wonderful marketer works his magic at Happy Hour!

I also have an invitation to be a guest speaker at a Fund raising even in Mt Gambier next year.

It IS a working holiday!

Millie is winning hearts wherever she goes and is an angel.

We may get to the Carnavan Gorge for my next blog.

Until then, stay warm and healthy………..

Jenny Old

Author on Board/ BackofBeyond/ Western Queensland/ Australian travels/ gypsies/ outback/


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