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Creating A Garden

I cannot resist the urge to be in the garden all day and every day during this magical Autumnal weather on the Gold Coast. I have been lucky to inherit a garden to re-create with the blessing of our son who owns the property.

Our longsuffering neighbours are relieved the chain saw has been silenced, for the time being, and quieter projects have followed on. I am now enjoying the rewarding vista of fresh, new turf and fragments of colour appearing in pots of petunias, pansies and geraniums. Why is it that a passionate gardener can never stop? I lie in bed at night planning the next plot, shrub, creeper or tree and where it will go? The chain saw is going to have another session soon.

I enjoyed a joyful Mother’s Day with family AND a gift voucher to Bunnings! Guess where I will be today? I hope many of you were able to connect with your mother for the day and if not, you will be able to do so in the near future.

It seems like our isolation is slowly easing and people can begin to socialise. I hope and pray that businesses can slowly regain their losses. The effect on the economy and population has been enormous and savage. Let us keep the Aussie spirit alive and continue to support our local businesses and neighbours.

Rick’s big project over the past few weeks has been to complete an amazing tree house. (supposedly for the grandchildren!) It is an engineered work of art with a swing, fireman’s pole, staircase, two levels with bench seating and a table. While the grandchildren were absent, we had inaugural, celebratory drinks amongst the canopy of the enormous poinciana tree with an incredible view across the Gold Coast Skyline. Rick was able to hoist the wine and glasses up in a pulley system with a basket.

Looking down from above I made the rule, ONE DRINK ONLY! It was a long way down! It was very sociable as we chatted to our neighbours, way below, all sending their good wishes as they had watched the progress with great interest.

The children are now allowed access, with only one rope burn reported so far! My next job is to re-plant the garden which has been destroyed during the building phase. As you can see, isolation has not bothered us with plenty of projects to go.

I was delighted to receive the second print run of my book ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad,’ delivered by my supportive publisher Ocean Reeve. I have received some lovely reviews from readers who have enjoyed reading about the exploits of four ‘innocent’ nurses travelling abroad in 1968, who returned from their travels with a great deal more worldly experience after twelve months living and working in London, travelling in a temperamental school bus called ‘Dennis’ across Europe and beyond and dodging some challenging experiences and surviving!

Read the reviews on my web page;

Also available on Kindle

May we all enjoy more freedom to visit friends and family, at the same time staying safe and healthy.


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