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Having Fun With Interviews

Recently I have enjoyed several interviews. My publisher, Ocean Reeve, set a challenge for the top three in a recent competition to do three interviews on zoom with fellow ORP authors. I was delighted to be interviewed by Kate Gale, author of ‘Thanks for the Mammaries.’ We had so much fun that our ten minute time slot could have gone on for hours. I love the fact that we can form incredible friendships and rapport through the internet, which makes me feel somewhat guilty for the frequent abuse I hurl at my computer! I must remind myself daily of all the good things it offers me!

Due to my lack of internet ability and confidence, my wonderful mentor and publisher Ocean Reeve, created and manages my web page. As if by magic my blogs, videos, interviews suddenly appear. Recently he created a media page and I was able to view an interview which took place several years ago called ‘Focus and Fear’. I have no recollection of this interview with a very handsome young man from Shepperton in Victoria. Rick and I were travelling for seven weeks in a tiny motor home promoting my book ‘Back of Beyond.’ Can I say, to be asked about focus made me laugh out loud. This is an area I am lacking in….but I rose to the challenge and spoke about how important focus is if you want to be a published author. (I must take my own advice!) ‘Fear’ on the other hand, is a subject I can talk about with conviction. Rick who was present and spoke a few words, and I have no recollection of this interview, but it’s a beauty!! Please listen for yourself.

Several weeks ago, I was delighted to be interviewed by Ocean Reeve for a Podcast in his series ‘The Author Angle.’ I had no prior knowledge of what he would be asking me. I love spontaneity and always enjoy time spent with Ocean. Again, there was a great deal of laughter but some deep questions which I answered to the best of my ability without thinking. Does anybody else regurgitate the interview for hours afterwards, thinking of all the really smart and interesting answers they could have given? That was me!! Spontaneity was not my friend on this day! You be the judge:

Go to Ocean Reeve podcasts on Spotify, there you can listen to other amazing ORP authors with incredible stories to share.

I have been missing doing Author Talks at Libraries thanks to Covid but reading the Queensland Writers Association Newsletter I have enjoyed several very interesting authors interviewed by Stephen Harris from the Bundaberg Library. What a treasure he is and how lucky is Bundaberg Library to have him in their midst. It was a lovely surprise when he invited me to do a one hour zoom interview with him about my book ‘Innocent Nurses Abroad.’ This was the most in depth questioning I have experienced. He delved into different aspects of the book, but interestingly he asked about my feelings at different times. For example; ‘How did you feel passing from communist East Germany (1968) back into western Germany?’

I told him of the sadness I felt for the people living under the communist regime, compared to the vitality, excitement and positivity in Western Berlin. That Wall was horrific, the people were so sad. But what a deep question?

There were many other comments and questions about my love life and other challenging events, but then he asked me about the writing process, the importance of editing, marketing and finding the best publisher. (Ocean Reeve Publishing). This was one interview that I didn’t dissect into the wee hours of the morning. I was happy with my responses, for once!

Now, my clever publisher (I don’t think I need to mention his name again?) has edited the hour long interview into one minute snippets for those of you who are time poor. There will be one a week. I hope you can listen to them, but I do recommend the full hour if you wish to be lulled to sleep one night. It is, of course, on my web page;

I hope I have persuaded you that interviews are interesting and good fun. Hopefully I can be out there doing presentations in the near future.

Thank you, in anticipation, for listening to my interviews, going to my web page and learning a little more about me. (and Ocean Reeve Publishing)

Take care and stay safe.


Jenny Old AUTHOR

‘Innocent Nurses Abroad’

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